Villa Juniper

idyllic villa near the sea


Surprise your family with a dream vacation at Villa Juniper. The magnificent villa has
area of lavish 220 square meter + basement 50 square meter, where you will find
sauna department.

The nearest neighbor is about 200 meters away with no line of sight, so the villa is in a very quiet location. There are a lot of deer, deer, hares, foxes and other animals moving in the area. Good mushroom picking can be found just a few miles from the villa. The center of Ekenäs is only 6 km away

Lots to do

It is only 30 meters from the sauna to the pier where you can go swimming in summer
and in winter. The well-equipped villa has e.g. big TV, Internet connection (fiber optic cable), washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher
and so on.

Both on the terrace of the house (4 × 14 meters) and in the dining room around the table can easily accommodate 20 people to sit and socialize or hold a meeting. The villa has a very scenic courtyard area, where you can find e.g. large lawn, plantations, creek, cliffs, large gazebo (for about 10 people) and about 250 meters of shoreline from the sea.

The villa has its own large pier and the most avid can spend their days
fishing. Organized fishing trips with a guide can be found separately (

The villa rent includes a triple canoe with easy access
to explore the reedbed, which is inhabited by many birds (swan,
goose, heron, reed heron, eagle, osprey).